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Britain is relatively new to the casino gambling game. That could be the reason for the inconsistency in what the Prime Minister has decided on gamblings future.

Gordon Brown was commended by Church groups and charities six months ago when he decided that sixteen small casinos would not receive the go ahead to be built. Instead, he was to allow for one super casino in Manchester.

Now, the same group that praised the Prime Minister just a half year ago, are ripping Brown for allegedly changing his mind on the issue.

Brown has decided that the sixteen casinos will move forward with their plans to build, while the super casino will no longer be an option. He alerted the Welsh and Scottish governments of his decision through a letter.

He has also asked authorities from the sixteen license winners if they still wanted to go forward with their plans for casinos in their areas. All sixteen agreed to still move ahead with the plans.

“The inconsistency of this policy means that no one really thinks the government’s review, which was announced amid great fanfare, was anything more than a political stunt,” said Shadow Culture Secretary, Jeremy Hunt.

The review he was speaking about came last year when the government reviewed the 2005 Gambling Act. It was then that Brown decided to go with the super casino instead of the smaller ones. The new decision has Manchester furious. They stand to lose out on a reclamation project for a run down part of the city.