Currently online casino gambling is illegal in the US, but most US based gamblers take advantage of international online casinos. Why then is the US not legalizing online casino gambling? Internationally the online gambling market is licensed and taxed in over 63 countries, bringing in revenues in the billions. Legalization in the US of the online casino will bring in an average of $10 billion yearly in taxes alone.

Recently, 60 Minutes, a reputable US news show, discussed online casinos and their potential for success state side. With such a prominent show supporting online casinos, it is a wonder that the online gaming industry is not more mainstreamed with in the United States. Gambling is not a new invention, it has been in existence for ages, and in a country that has some of the most notable land-based casinos, online casinos should not be cast aside.

Why outsource online casinos when development with in the US will bring massive profits. Millions of people worldwide enjoy the excitement of online gambling, with such popular games as poker, black jack, and slots. It is in the best interest of the government to allow development of the online casino, any gambler will tell you that it is sure to be a winner.