As humans we are prone to choose what is easy and avoid what is difficult. As we grow up we learn that some things maybe difficult at first but it gets easier as time goes by. The same saying maybe about the game of craps. It is probably difficult to learn at first, but like most things in life, craps are well worth the pain.

What is craps anyway? Craps, in simple terms, is a game of dice. Craps players wait to wager on what the next roll will be. Does the right sound simple enough? Craps begins to get complicated as you learn more and more from the betting class.

A typical crap table will look like a jumble of colors and numbers with around zillions watching bets. It is a natural reaction for any beginner in craps to get intimidated a little. Knowledge is the key. You learn while you play more and more.

There is an important thing that you should know in craps. Craps is also a game of various rounds. Each round starts with an initial roller called a come-out roll. This round ends immediately if a natural is rolled, which is 7 or is rolled 11 or if craps is 2, 3 or 12.

If other numbers are rolled (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10) then that number is a point and its place will be marked with a puck in the crap table. The player who rolls the dice must roll that point again before he rolls 7 or loses it. Either way, the ends of the round.

There are two basic bets that any beginner will do well to know. They are the line of the pass, they do not pass bets and have come, the bets do not come. These bets are basically the same. The only difference lies in the time that bets are made. Step bets of craps are only made on come-out roll as bets come are made in the middle of each round.

If you put your money in the craps step bet line it is telling you effectively that the shooter, or roll of the dice, will release a natural, or make a point. If he throws craps, you lose. If he makes a point and throws the point again you win. If he sevens-out or throws the 7 first before the point, you lose. The same thing happens in the coming bet.

Do not pass the bettors the win if the shooter rolls 2 or 3. The ties of the bet if he rolls 12. He loses it rolls 7 or 11. If the point is made then do not pass the wins of the bet if the 7 is rolled first before the point. The same rules request that bets do not come. Pay both bets the same money you wagered.

Is that right so bad? Craps is not easy, but the best things in life are not usually. Why not dare to go craps?